Maggie G., Founding Member

Maggie G., Founding Member

A bi-coastal Canadian entrepreneur for over three decades, running a business with branches across Canada and a network spanning a few continents. The last eight years she ran a tourism enterprise, marketing and publishing–until Covid.

There was no option left for Maggie than to get into the arena and fight for our freedoms and rights. Canadians (hundreds) implored her to get into the fight and so this grassroots, lawful, altruistic organization was born.

George S., Senior Member

George S., Senior Member, Saskatchewan

George is a former practicing lawyer (which guides us) and businessman with experience in finance, insurance and hospitality industries. He serves on a number of private and non-profit entity boards.

He describes himself a fiscal and social conservative, an anti-globalist, distrustful of the media and mainstream narratives with a strong desire to discover and disclose truth.

Jean L, Senior Member

Jean L., Senior Member, Quebec

Jean is a software engineer since 1985 and an iOS developer since 2009. It’s a gift to have in our midst one who knows how to make, fix and find things on the web at the ready. To wit he is an entrepreneur at heart, and a freelancer.

He dubs himself a “free-thinker,” but more critically he is, “working toward a world where humains (he’s bilingual) can live without masters.”

Edward P., Senior Member

Edward P., Senior Member, Alberta

Edward is a scientist and scholar with over 30 years experience researching mammalian biological systems in healthy and diseased states. He uses investigative and analytical tools include standard histochemical techniques and a variety of biochemical measures to quantify changes in protein and gene expression from a variety of tissues.

A true humanitarian who is genuinely concerned about the future of Canada as a nation.



Ramona H., New Brunswick

Edward P., Alberta (see above)

Ken H., Alberta


Team Leader : Jean L., Quebec (see above)

Frank S., Ontario


Maggie G., Editor

Jacques B., Illustrations

Kristina D., Ontario


Christine Massey, Toronto.

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