By LJ Cote, BSN, and Ramona Henderson (PFJC Members) Important News for those NOT participating in the experimental Covid-19 bio-weapon shot. WHAT IS BEING REPORTED “Shedding” first gained attention of those following the adverse affects (VAERS) of the shots when they stumbled upon a woman commenting that her period was seriously changed – excessive flow,Continue reading “THE NEW SECONDARY SMOKE : VACCINE SHEDDING”


By LJ Cote,BSN, and Christina D., exclusive for Pre-covid, sick people had symptoms (fever, runny nose, nausea, diarrhea – you get the picture). Some were even considered potentially infectious. Sickness was confirmed by symptoms plus perhaps a test result. No sick note without it!   The Drosten protocol changed years of history and commonContinue reading “THE SWAB THAT TOOK DOWN THE WORLD”


By LJ Cote, BSN, exclusively for People For Justice The Real Nuts and Bolts of Virus Variants The word ‘variant‘ conjures fears of unexpected and freakish changes. In reality, change or mutations, are a natural part of any virus life cycle that rarely impact outbreaks dramatically. [5] Today, the virus variant story is beingContinue reading “FEARMONGERS FRIGHTEN WORLD WITH NEW DECEPTION”

Canadian public health officials have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification performed anywhere, ever

By Christine Massey, M.Sc., exclusively for People For Justice Canada Further down this page you will see a screenshot of a Freedom of Information (FOI) request that was submitted to the Public Health Agency of Canada and many other Canadian institutions requesting evidence that is absolutely essential (but not on its own sufficient) for establishingContinue reading “Canadian public health officials have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification performed anywhere, ever”

“We Have Known For A Long Time,” shocking disclosures on Covid profiteers.

It would be an understatement that we follow Judge Anna Von Reitz, her words and prolific writings, with awe. She has a grip on our true history and state of nations as no other. Her recent missive on the players behind the planned pandemic is an eye-opener. Below she connects the many touchpoints, people, corporationsContinue reading ““We Have Known For A Long Time,” shocking disclosures on Covid profiteers.”

Who betrayed Canadians, concealing plans concocted at WEF?

One of our Members produced a list of Canadians who attended the World Economic Forum in January of 2018, 2019 and 2020. The WEF are the architects of “The Great Reset.” Its adherents peddle ebulliently, the pandemic is an “opportunity” to change the world irrevocably. These business leaders, academics, bankers, pension managers and politicians haveContinue reading “Who betrayed Canadians, concealing plans concocted at WEF?”

Canadian Military Warn Against Covid Vaccine

This aired in the last few weeks. It seems Canadians are closing ranks against the cabal looking to thin, sicken and enslave global populations. In Canada, a military officer, Leslie Kenderesi, is showing solidarity with its people. He is after all human. This is very heartening. And a measure of the true character of Canadians,Continue reading “Canadian Military Warn Against Covid Vaccine”

Doctor Death : No health care after 75

Ezekiel Emmanuel made the news lately lobbying the public consciousness with his views on our “demented” state at age 75. We need not debate his moribund viewpoint delivered so cheerfully, so pompously. It’s no surprise his brother is none other than much maligned Rahm Emmanuel, often quoted saying, “never waste a crisis.” (This is adviceContinue reading “Doctor Death : No health care after 75”

Court Of Appeal Rules That Quarantine is Illegal Based on PCR Tests

This news broke a few days ago, from a court ruling in Lisbon, Portugal. It seems we have a court that is authentically seeking justice related to the mandates, restriction under an alleged health emergency. We cannot say the same for Canada–not yet. Many actions are in our Courts in Alberta and Ontario contesting theContinue reading “Court Of Appeal Rules That Quarantine is Illegal Based on PCR Tests”

When Evil is Uncovered

One of our loyal followers @deniseinCanada , a prolific researcher, video producer and Godly woman uncovered this page on the World Bank site related to the inventory of all things under the rubric, WITS (World Integrated Trade Solution.) She brought our attention to the year of this content, 2018. Yet, it features test kits forContinue reading “When Evil is Uncovered”

Toward a Class Action

People For Justice Canada are looking earnestly at a Class Action as many of our Members and Participants here share a common and reasonable cause of action related to 2020’s excessive removal of rights and freedoms under our Charter. The number of Defendants in this action would be numerous without placing undue stress to ourContinue reading “Toward a Class Action”

Harvesting Evidence

Tantamount to our success in our public courts is the volume and quality of evidence attached to our pleadings. There is a groundswell of evidence which we have harvested worldwide; however, evidence from within our nation, from Canadians, is sought. All those who come forward with evidence of injustices and losses under lockdowns imposed willContinue reading “Harvesting Evidence”

Actions Planned

People For Justice Canada is aiming to launch one or several actions regarding the unlawful removal of Canadians’ rights and freedoms. This ‘just created’ advocacy group was spurred by many Canadians asking to “do something” and to follow through with legal action. So we are on it–together. We ask that you press the tab aboveContinue reading “Actions Planned”