By LJ Cote, BSN, and Ramona Henderson (PFJC Members)

Important News for those NOT participating in the experimental Covid-19 bio-weapon shot.


“Shedding” first gained attention of those following the adverse affects (VAERS) of the shots when they stumbled upon a woman commenting that her period was seriously changed – excessive flow, excessive clotting, pain and irregular.  This report soon grew from about 3,000 women to over 30,000 women reporting similar effects. This was exposed in a recent broadcast by Canadian, Laura-Lynn Thompson with Guest, Odessa Orlewicz.  Watch the episode here. 

A reproductive holistic practitioner also reports stirringly, a 400% increase in miscarriages since the release of the vaccine–by women who were not vaccinated. She also reports, heavier, multiple menstruations in one month and post-menopausal women menstruating again.  This is seen in women who have not taken the shot, but are near others who have.  Her plea to everyone follows:


Fortunately, a team of five doctors in the U.S., all of whom are highly qualified to address this frightening phenomenon, just held a round-table discussion a few of days ago.

They affirm, this affects all unvaccinated men and women around the world right now, and it is imperative that you take 79 minutes of your time to watch this urgent news on covid shots video.

Not only do these highly qualified doctors discuss why they think this is happening, they also give practical advice at the end about what we can be doing right now to protect ourselves and stop this attack on the human race by globalists seeking to reduce the world’s population.

Every single one of these doctors believe that these shots are NOT vaccines, but bio-weapons designed to kill human beings.

We are following this phenomenon and will post more details, however it was imperative that we get this information out immediately.


  1. I find when I’m around the jabbed, I feel pressure in my head ,like there is dust in my throat,and a skin tingling crawling feeling, it last for about half an hour after I’m away from them…its like they are giving off frequency, or signal or radiation…


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