Canadian public health officials have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification performed anywhere, ever

By Christine Massey, M.Sc., exclusively for People For Justice Canada

Further down this page you will see a screenshot of a Freedom of Information (FOI) request that was submitted to the Public Health Agency of Canada and many other Canadian institutions requesting evidence that is absolutely essential (but not on its own sufficient) for establishing the existence of the alleged “COVID-19 virus” aka “SARS-COV-2”.

The request is for records describing the isolation (aka purification) of the alleged “COVID-19” virus, from a patient sample that was not first adulterated with additional genetic material (typically monkey kidney cells and fetal bovine serum). The same request has been submitted to 16 Canadian institutions in total.

Without this isolation step having been performed (followed by controlled experiments and other necessary steps), there is no way to claim scientifically that the alleged “novel coronavirus” blamed for widespread death/disease/lockdown measures actually exists.

Without this step having been performed, and followed by the necessary controlled experiments, and independently replicated, all claims of this alleged virus are nothing but wild, unscientific, fraud-based speculation backed only by fraudulent science, fraudulent tests and fraudulent diagnoses.

Before we go further, it is important to note that these requests for records describing “SARS-COV-2” isolation were not limited to records of isolation performed by the respective institution, or limited to records authored by the respective institution, rather they were open to any records held by the institution (including scientific studies downloaded from the Internet) describing isolation of “SARS-COV-2” by anyone, anywhere on the planet, ever.

Institutions are not required to provide records that are publicly available, however citations were requested for any such records that are available to the public elsewhere.

As I write this on January 4, 2021, 14 Canadian institutions have provided their responses and 2 are long overdue. None have provided, or cited, any such records, from anywhere in the world, ever.

These 14 Canadian institutions are:

Public Health Agency of Canada,
Health Canada,
National Research Council of Canada,
Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization-International Vaccine Centre (VIDO-InterVac),
Canadian Institutes of Health Research,
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada,
Institut National de Sante Publique du Quebec,
McGill University,
City of Toronto,
Region of Peel (Ontario),
University of Toronto,
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre,
McMaster University and
Mount Sinai Hospital (Toronto).

Each institution’s response may be accessed by clicking on the hyperlink in the list.

Below is a screenshot of page 1 of Health Canada’s response.

The 2 Canadian institutions that are long-overdue in responding to the FOI request are:

Ontario Ministry of Health (submitted May 14, 2020),
Public Health Ontario (submitted July 16, 2020).

Fake “SARS-COV-2” isolates are being used in “vaccine” development

Note that a team of researchers from the last 4 institutions in the above list (University of Toronto, McMaster University, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Mount Sinai Hospital) publicly and fraudulently claimed to have jointly “isolated the virus” early last year. I wish I had a dollar for every time someone has sent me one of the press releases about this bogus “isolation” claim.

Here are the names of the authors involved in this “isolation” claim.

Below is what these researchers actually did and called “isolation”. It’s a typical example of what I call “fraudulent monkey business”. Note that Vero cells are kidney cells from an African green monkey; FBS = fetal bovine serum. Both are sources of genetic contamination.

According to everyday English mixing a patient sample with animal cells is the opposite of isolating anything. And it certainly isn’t the meaning of “isolation” intended in Koch’s postulates (more on Koch’s postulates at the bottom of this page).

These Ontario researchers began using their so-called “virus isolate”, and providing it to other researchers, for “COVID-19” experiments and development of “COVID-19” tests and therapeutics.

Note that the University of Toronto is a long-time “proud partner” with the vaccine manufacturing company Sanofi Pasteur. This was made very clear during a webinar entitled “The Path to an Effective COVID-19 Vaccine” (webinar password: 4e?x*95T) featuring Vivek Goel and hosted by the University on May 26, 2020.

The University of Toronto is still heavily involved in developing “COVID-19” tests and “vaccines”, and endless “COVID-19” activity. See What’s Next? COVID-19 podcast: (Ep 33) Vivek Goel on vaccine delivery:

Vivek Goel is Special Advisor to the President and Provost at the University, a professor in the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health and touted by the University as a “renowned public health expert“. Can Professor Goel not tell the difference between mixing things together and separating things apart?

Researchers at the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization-International Vaccine Centre (VIDO-InterVac) at the University of Saskatchewan (the 4th institution on the above FOI response list) also claimed early in 2020 to have “isolated the virus” and started using their fake isolate in “vaccine” development.

Their alleged accomplishment was publicized by the Globe and Mail in March 2020. Below is a screenshot from the G & M’s article.

Sounds impressive, right? According to VIDO-InterVac’s website, they have been “Leading COVID-19 research as Canada’s centre for pandemic research“.

For months, VIDO-InterVac has been engaged in “COVID-19” research, developing a “COVID-19” solution, and offering “Support services for external groups developing vaccines, antivirals, and therapeutics against COVID-19“.

On December 10, 2020, Global News reported that “A day after the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine was approved for use in Canada, VIDO-InterVac is hitting a milestone with their Saskatoon-made vaccine – filing an application to start human clinical trials.”

Hmm, well below is a screenshot from the 1st page of VIDO-InterVac’s FOI response: “…the records you wish to access do not exist….”

VIDO-InterVac’s entire letter can be seen here:

And so, on top of all the safety concerns re “COVID-19” “vaccines”, we have the fact that vaccination against a purely theoretical and imaginary virus isn’t even a little bit rational.

And thus the real purpose of the so-called “vaccines” cannot be accepted at face value.

Canadian researchers and public health officials are not alone

Right now you might be thinking “oh well, this is strange, but surely ‘the virus’ does exist and proof is held by institutions all around the world!” And this would be a reasonable thing to assume of “a virus” that allegedly turned our world upside-down in 2020.

Know this: Numerous people have submitted the same, and similar, record requests to public health and science organizations in numerous jurisdictions, including the U.S., New Zealand, Australia, the U.K., England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Denmark, Slovenia and the European Union, and made them publicly available.

To date, dozens of responses have been collected from outside Canada, and none of them have yielded any record of “SARS-COV-2” isolation, by anyone, anywhere on the planet, ever. They are all publicly available here:

Yes, we know about the many, many published “SARS-COV-2 genomes” and “isolation” claims – they’re bogus

We do realize that many researchers claim to have “isolated SARS-COV-2”.  I’ve written briefly about some of those papers in the past (i.e. here and here and here).

We’ve looked at all of the “SARS-COV-2 isolation” studies ever brought to our attention, and have yet to see one where they accomplished any such thing. Claiming to have done something and actually doing it are sometimes two different things, even in peer-reviewed science.

And yes we are aware that thousands upon thousands of so-called “SARS-COV-2 genomes” have been published. However these “genomes” were in fact manufactured, not discovered.

And yes we are aware that EM images have been published, allegedly of “the virus”, however a photo of something does not tell you what the thing is, where it came from or what it does.

One has to scrutinize the Methods used to “isolate the virus” / obtain said images / obtain the “genomes” / “confirm” the diagnoses / conclude that a terrifying “novel coronavirus” requires worldwide devastating lock-downs, and that is when absolutely everything falls apart with “COVID-19″.

Regarding the “isolation” methods specifically: the problem with these claims is that they do the exact opposite of isolating anything, as shown in the examples above. 

Instead, researchers take a “confirmed COVID-19” patient sample that was never shown to contain any “SARS-COV-2” but merely “confirmed” with meaningless, fraudulent PCR testing, and adulterate it with a cell line (usually Vero aka monkey kidney cells), fetal bovine serum and toxic drugs.  Or they perform some slight variation on this exercise in illogic and insanity, for instance by using a different cell line.

Next, they irrationally blame “the virus” for whatever happens to the (typically monkey kidney) cell line, and pretend that their man-made concoction is “SARS-COV-2 isolate”. This is fraud and it’s unscientific.

Below is a screenshot from another such study, this one describing the alleged Isolation and rapid sharing of the 2019 novel coronavirus (SARS- CoV- 2) from the first patient diagnosed with COVID- 19 in Australia.

This study was actually cited by the Australian Department of Health as a paper “which led to the isolation of SARS-CoV-2 in culture“. Can you spot the oxymoron in that quote?

The authors describe their fraudulent and irrational approach to “isolation” and note in the same paragraph (found in their Supplemental Methods) that they shipped their fake “isolate” off both nationally and internationally.

One of the places this fake isolate was shipped to was Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation(CSIRO), where researchers set about using it in “vaccine” development.

When researchers claim to have “sequenced SARS-COV-2” they in fact worked with a soup of genetic material from a patient sample or from a cell culture (not purified “SARS-COV-2” or purified anything) and fabricated the sequence based on this soup and comparisons with other (also fabricated!) genomes.

Below is a screenshot showing a random example of the methods used to produce a fraudulent “SARS-COV-2 genome”, from a study someone recently tweeted to me. It’s absurd and unscientific, but typical: assembly, mapping, trimming, alignment… everything but discovery of something that actually exists.


The entire “COVID-19” / “SARS-COV-2” story is very much tied into the 2003 “SARS” story that allegedly was caused by another alleged virus referred to as “SARS-COV” or “SARS-COV-1”. Dr. Andrew Kaufman revealed in one of his brilliant presentations that no one ever isolated that alleged virus either (see Koch’s Postulates: Have They Been Proven For Viruses?

And guess what? Someone recently sent me an FOI response that they obtained from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admitting the CDC has no record of “SARS-COV-1”, or any common cold-related “coronavirus” ever having been isolated. As they say, “you can’t make this stuff up“. Page 1 is shown below; the full pdf is here:


Virus transport medium

Virus transport medium. Sounds so innocuous, right? (No pun intended.) But what is actually in that stuff? My colleague in New Zealand (Michael S.) looked it up.

What Michael discovered is that the CDC’s recommended recipe, found in their standard operating procedure SOP#: DSR-052-05 (“To provide a standard operating procedure (SOP) for producing viral transport medium (VTM) for specimens for viral culture or other means of viral detection“), calls for fetal bovine serum and toxic drugs.

This means that patient samples that were stored in virus transport medium prior to laboratory testing and/or culturing were (if following the CDC’s SOP) already adulterated with genetic material and toxic drugs.

Global fraud, conspiracy and terrorism

We make these “no records” responses from around the world publicly available as evidence of the “COVID-19” global fraud, conspiracy and terrorism that has been destroying lives and the economy world-wide this year, and used to usher in a vile globalist agenda that has nothing whatsoever to do with protecting or promoting public health.

Our wish is that all individuals responsible/complicit in this crime against humanity will be held accountable to the fullest extent lawfully possible.

Thus far, in total, we have responses from over 40 institutions and offices around the world, yielding in total zero records describing the essential step of isolation aka purification.

All of these responses are publicly available from the following URL (and more are added regularly):

Stunningly obvious fraud at the Public Health Agency of Canada

A final example of the global incompetence and fraud currently plaguing humanity. (Fuller details on this example are available here.)

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) was long overdue in responding to my FOI request submitted in June 2020 (you can click on the image to make it larger):

The first page of PHAC’s December 2020 response is shown below. Their entire letter, along with the allegedly responsive records they provided, may be accessed here:

[Note that PHAC’s letter indicates a date range for the requested records from January 1, 2020 until June 15, 2020. Technically this is correct (although arguably not in good faith), since my request was submitted on June 13, 2020. Had I dreamed that the Public Health Agency of Canada would take almost six months to respond to this very timely request for records that ought to have been at their fingertips I would have indicated “Jan. 1 2020 until the date of PHAC’s response” as the date range.]

By way of explaining the glaring problems with this response from the Public Health Agency of Canada – which indicate at best a stunning level of incompetence – I have pasted my email response to the analyst who conveyed PHAC’s response.


Hi Tammy,

Thank you for the dated letter, however there is still a problem with it.  The letter states that responsive records are enclosed.

I’ve gone through both of the pdf attachments that contain the records and there is nothing in them that is responsive to my request. 

The manuscript and emails discuss exactly what I stated in my request that I am not interested in: mixing patient samples (adulterating them) with genetic material, specifically monkey kidney (aka “Vero”) cells and fetal bovine serum (FBS); and PCR tests; the emails also mention sequencing.

There is no description anywhere of what I requested: separating a thing (the alleged “SARS-COV-2”) from everything else in a patient sample.

I don’t even see the word “isolate” (or “isolation”, or “purify” or “purification”) anywhere, except in the manuscript where it appears only in the context of isolating people, not a virus (the published version of the paper is searchable.)  (And note the admission on page 1: “RT-PCR detects RNA, not infectious virus”).

All references here to “the virus” are absurd and fraudulent and based on wild, unscientific assumptions. 

No one has looked for or found “the virus”.  They simply assumed (based on PCR tests that are utterly incapable of determining the presence of an intact virus) that patient samples contained “the virus”; they then adulterated the samples with genetic material and toxic drugs, then irrationally blamed “the virus” for harm to the monkey kidney cells.

This is another typical example of what I call “fraudulent monkey business”, the only difference being that the manuscript and emails do not even make a fraudulent claim (that I can see) of having isolated (or “purified”) any virus. 

[Also note that the samples were stored in “viral transport media” for 1-3 days before the PCR testing was even begun.  The CDC’s SOP for such includes fetal bovine serum and toxic drugs.  Thus in all likelihood, the samples in this study were contaminated with genetic material before any investigation even began.]

These records have nothing to do with isolation of a virus (as per the every day meaning that I indicated in my request); they are not responsive to my request.

Thank you for your efforts, but I require an accurate response from PHAC indicating that they have “no responsive records”.

Thanks and best wishes,

*** END OF EMAIL ***

(Ms. Turpin-Loyer’s responses are shown below.)

“COVID-19” frauds and terrorists belong in jail

The Senior Leadership at the Public Health Agency of Canada is comprised of:

Patty Hajdu – Minister of Health
Dr. Theresa Tam – Chief Public Health Officer
Iain Stewart – President (“from 2016 to 2020, he was President of the National Research Council (NRC) of Canada” – which also has no records of SARS-COV-2 isolation)

The Senior Leadership at Health Canada is comprised of Minister Patty Hajdu and:

Dr. Stephen Lucas – Deputy Minister
Dr. Harpreet S. Kochhar – Associate Deputy Minister

If you would like to receive email updates re new FOI responses, let me know at

Connect with me (CM) on Twitter (twitter assigned the annoying handle):

If you would like to learn more about the fraud and trickery that’s behind the fake pandemic known as “COVID-19”, I recommend having a look at the presentations, articles and facts (not theories) from various sources that I’ve compiled on the page linked below.


Christine Massey holds A Master’s Degree in Biostatistics (M.Sc.)


Former Senior Scientist with 35 years experience at Health Canada, Saeed Qureshi
“COVID-19: The virus does not exist – it is confirmed!”

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