Canadian Military Warn Against Covid Vaccine

This aired in the last few weeks. It seems Canadians are closing ranks against the cabal looking to thin, sicken and enslave global populations. In Canada, a military officer, Leslie Kenderesi, is showing solidarity with its people.

He is after all human.

This is very heartening. And a measure of the true character of Canadians, defamed by their failed minority Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

Persons in positions of authority and enforcement are invariably compartmentalized and preoccupied, they seldom learn the truth about the system, the players, the frauds against all peoples. It is incumbent on us who are aware and informed to find opportunities to share the truth with them.

This soldier has awakened. There is no point of return for him. Globalists fear this awakening attempting to slow it with lockdowns and isolation–and control of the narrative.

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