Doctor Death : No health care after 75

Ezekiel Emmanuel made the news lately lobbying the public consciousness with his views on our “demented” state at age 75. We need not debate his moribund viewpoint delivered so cheerfully, so pompously.

It’s no surprise his brother is none other than much maligned Rahm Emmanuel, often quoted saying, “never waste a crisis.” (This is advice he shared with Obama during his administration.)

Clearly this family lacks regard for life and the right to life, demented or not. This is also the cornerstone of the eugenics movement–a cover for the cost of maintaining the aged by people who want all the marbles for themselves.

We have little doubt this is an agenda in “The Great Reset.” The film, “Solient Green,” will shift from fiction to documentary if we do not stop this propaganda by billionaires who deem themselves worthy of living to any age–with care. Klaus Schwab, Founder of the World Economic Forum, and author of this “Reset” is himself beyond this lifespan, an octogenarian, and an unelected influence dictating changes to our society that aim to transform what it is to be human.

Most of the moneychangers and billionaires will not make the cut if Emanuel’s thesis prescribes a brick wall to health care. Will Schwab exclude himself from care as his body withers?

We are witnessing the height of hypocrisy.

Witness his interview with Judy Woodruff, PBS, herself long in her years.

One thought on “Doctor Death : No health care after 75

  1. Klaus Schwab reminds me of another Hitler. The globalists want mass extermination…we can’t allow them to win. We voted in a Conservative as Premier, here, in Ontario but most of us have so regretted it because he now kisses the corrupt liberal’s butts. He is, yet, another traitor to this country along with the turd and his cronies.


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