Harvesting Evidence

Tantamount to our success in our public courts is the volume and quality of evidence attached to our pleadings. There is a groundswell of evidence which we have harvested worldwide; however, evidence from within our nation, from Canadians, is sought.

All those who come forward with evidence of injustices and losses under lockdowns imposed will be kept in confidence.

All who work within the health system and are first-hand witnesses of corrupt actions regarding false diagnosis, false tests, false death certificates, harm under mandates, bribes, financial incentives, foreign influence, among many infractions are asked to come forward.

Complete our confidential email at our encrypted email address : PeopleForJustice@protonmail.com.

Our legal representative will contact you to produce an Affidavit for your execution. When a trial date is set you may be called as a key witness and required to attend for cross-examination. Your travel and hospitality costs will be covered.

“You have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Your identity will be protected until trial. You have nothing to fear but fear itself. Why do we write this? Because many Canadians have reportedly dropped out of legitimate lawsuits with some requesting substantial payment–this is fact.

Integrity and courage is demanded here. Do not contact us as a witness unless you are willing to go the distance. Canadian freedom requires all to realize that they are at war with a hidden enemy. Our aim is to stop illegitimate justification to remove your God given right to freedom of thought, of association, of movement, of speech, etc…

A small group of men are in advanced stages of creating a “new normal” designed by them. It is draconian and dystopian. It is now public under the rubric, “global reset.”

Every effort you make to stop them, ostensibly qualifies you as heroic.

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