Actions Planned

Photo by Marcos Bais

People For Justice Canada is aiming to launch one or several actions regarding the unlawful removal of Canadians’ rights and freedoms. This ‘just created’ advocacy group was spurred by many Canadians asking to “do something” and to follow through with legal action. So we are on it–together.

We ask that you press the tab above “Join” when you finish reading this post. Fill it out please because we need you. Numbers matter.

We’ve already created a brand, a logo, bought a high level domain, bought server spaces, created these pages, registered an encrypted email. But let’s be clear, we are all in this together.

We need big bucks to pursue the perps and minions who have engineered the full stop of our economies in all 13 provinces and territories. Many are foreign. So open your wallets and help us pay for all the legal work and costs required–retainers, legal bills, process costs, court fees, investigators, travel, etc… All costs will be revealed periodically and notarized for their legitimacy to our members.

We need to develop a board and this is top-of-mind. You are welcome to nominate persons that you think will offer power to our work.

We are in discussions with lawyers re class actions and other actions. At the same time, we are summarizing our complaints for the lawyers we name on our short list to consider. This takes all our concentration. We’ve started already.

The value already present here is a high level awareness, knowledge of the issues, health, financial and political. We also have a good handle on the history that brought us here to this inconceivable time foreseen by H.G. Wells and George Orwell among many. The 70s reveal a high velocity of propaganda in the shadows to underpin what we are witnessing today.

We are at an unprecedented fork in the road. We either stand and take the right side. Or we crumple and capitulate to our captors. The choice is obvious.

We have not discounted Private Prosecutions, actions under pure common law. We may act within both jurisdictions. There is good reason for this. Jurisdiction is always on our mind. Don’t let anyone dissuade you from our good intentions here. Our intentions are your intentions: to be free to live your life with your God given rights.

Make no mistake, our Lord is with us. The one who died on the cross for our freedom. His name, His will is known to us. We will be asking many to pray for our success. (You can begin now.) He will receive all glory for our success as we can achieve little without Him. Woe! to those who hinder or harm us here.

The chances of success must be high. Our paperwork must be good. Those we accuse must be surgically selected and successfully served–not just those who carry out inhumane orders without question, but also those at the top of the heap.

In the meantime, we are collecting evidence, affidavits, and testimonies/witnesses related to lockdowns, mandates (injustices and losses) and the reset in progress. We need your help here. Please do not engage us on other unrelated matters.


If you are a doctor, a virologist, a scientist, etc… your testimony is hereby sought by us. Please contact us in confidence at our encrypted email:

If you are a small or medium sized business that has incurred great loss and suffered through bankruptcy kindly write to us above.

If you are a former authority, police, RCMP, military with first hand information, we are eager to hear from you. You too have family and friends to protect from the injustices in development.


If you work for any arm of/person in government, agency or contractor, presently or formerly, related to our causes above, and, you are aware first-hand (anything else is hearsay) kindly write to us immediately. We will never reveal our sources. If you are willing, we will video record you, altering your speech and image.

Like the amazing Sidney Powell coined, we hope for a “firehose” of evidence. And we also hope to “Release the Kraken.”


All our work is geared to ending unlawful lockdowns and putting the breaks to the reconfiguring of society within a communist, austere design. They call it a “reset.” No one consulted Canadians–because none would approve. This is a fraud of global scale; but, your politicians appear to be giving it propulsion without stop.

We must move quickly.

Remember, you are all the stakeholders in PFJC judicial actions. Canadians are the immediate beneficiaries. But we can set an example worldwide–this is already happening across the planet.

One of the latest successes has been in Denmark where a by-law requiring forced vaccinations of a subset of its populace was struck by its legislators. The people fought it legislatively–this is also in our purview.

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